Welcome to Krogbækgaard

We offer riding holidays and riding on Icelandic horses for both beginners and advanced riders of all ages. An active vacation where you / i get to see parts of Læsø only be reached on the back of an Icelandic horse. Besides riding holidays and weekend breaks, are held regularly ride the courses, the courses organized by the level of participants and is for both the beginner and the more experienced rider.

We arrange accommodation for firms and groups. Such an arrangement may contain both riding, riding lessons, team building, carriage rides and lots of good food


Riding holidays Week-stay for adults and children of all ages and at all levels.

  •  Weekend with riding on Icelandic horses are arranged throughout the year except during weeks 26 to 31, we offer shorter and longer stays on weekdays.
  •  Riding courses for both the beginner and the more experienced rider
  •  Course Events We have had great success with management courses where the horses are used to open up the way the manager responds.
  •  Training and breaking in We train and tilrider your horse.

Teambuilding on Læsø

Should your next group event be on Læsø? We offer:

fox hunting
Lasso Throw
Horse Riding
Canoe Games from October 1st!
Chance of common cooking with farm talented chef
Accommodation, good food and pleasant surroundings.

Call Lasse for more information
tel. 2380 2283

Kalender 2023


12/5-14/5 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

17/5-21/5 Kristi himmelfart forlænget weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold” eller under “Kurser på Læsø”
hvis du vil kombinere opholdet med undervisning
(Fuldt booket)

26/5-29/5 Pinse forlænget weekendophold
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”


2/6-4/6 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

9/6-11/6 Weekendophold 
Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”
(Fuldt booket)

16/6-18/6 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket )

Uge 26
Ank mandag 26/6 Afr lørdag 1/7


Uge 27 
Ank mandag 3/7 Afr lørdag 8/7

Uge 28 (Fuldt booket)
Ank mandag 10/7 Afr lørdag 15/7

Uge 29
Ank mandag 17/7 Afr lørdag 22/7

Uge 30
Ank mandag 24/7 Afr lørdag 29/7


Uge 31(Fuldt booket)
Ank mandag 31/7 Afr lørdag 5/8

Uge 32 
Ank søndag 6/8 Afr fredag 11/8

Tilmeld under “2-4 dages ophold”

25/8-27/8 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)

1/9-3/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket )

8/9-10/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)

14/9-17/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)

22/9-24/9 Weekendophold 
(Fuldt booket)


29/9-1/10 Hestesamling Hornfiskrøn
Tilmeld under “Hestesamling”

6/10-8/10 Hestesamling Langerøn
Tilmeld under “Hestesamling”

Uge 42 Ridekursus 
Ank søndag 15/10 Afr lørdag 21/10
Tilmeld under “Kurser på Læsø”