The menu

The menu at Krogbækgaard may consist of the following buffets:

Roast wild boar Homegrown with accessories
Kanterelsovs, pies, grilled vegetables, homemade bread, local potatoes, various
salads and more

Læsø Lam-grown with accessories
Lammesky, Tzaziki, baked earth fruits, foccasia bread, local potatoes, various salads
and more

Fish Table with fish from the local fishmonger
On Krogbækgaards fish board's seafood as cod, hake, saithe, Salmon,
Crab claws and Læsø popular lobster composed with good local potatoes,
various salads and more

The farm's good lasagne served with carrot salad, tomato salad and homemade bread.

the farm's chicken buffet serves a crispy banana / peanut salad, oven-baked
carrots with rosemary, homemade bread and a spicy curry sauce.

Grill buffet (every Friday in high season)
The grill is turned up with delicious meats and vegetables. Composed in the last week
dishes and a sidedish as nachos with cheese, we get a nice evening with bonfire in the courtyard.

coffee ad libitum and cake of the day 45kr.
Here is a selection of what's cake can be:
Apple / pear tart
chocolate cake
orange cake
carrot cake