The beginning of trining the horses

On Krogbækgaard we have a solid tilridningsprogram of 6 weeks from mid November to the Friday before Christmas in December. 2014 will be the period from 10 November to 19 December. During this period we concentrate mainly on the breaking in of young horses. However, we also tilridningsheste into January, February and March where we also continue to work with training and time phrase rider accustomed horses.

The price for breaking in is 1000 EUR. Incl. VAT per week where the horses are trained 5 days of the week.

For more information contact Lasse tel. 23802283

Krogbækgaard Kursuscenter, Storhavevej 8, 9940 Læsø, Tlf. +45 9849 1505 mail: info@rideferie.dk
Se nr.33321988, Dronninglund Sparekasse reg. Nr.9044 konto 0001272276.
Iban nummer : DK7890440001272276 Swiftkode: DRONDK21

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