We transport horses to and from Krogbækgaard in connection with breaking in, training and housing on the farm.

We have extensive experience in the transportation of Icelandic horses and with a 6 horses Nonnenmacher trailer and four horses Böckmann both high German quality, we ensure that your horse gets there safely.

transportation to / from nordjylland + 0-30 km. 500kr.

transportation to / from nordjylland + 30-70 km 700kr.

Transport to / from Jutland 1,000 Kr.

For longer journeys we agree the price.


Krogbækgaard Kursuscenter, Storhavevej 8, 9940 Læsø, Tlf. +45 9849 1505 mail: info@rideferie.dk
Se nr.33321988, Dronninglund Sparekasse reg. Nr.9044 konto 0001272276.
Iban nummer : DK7890440001272276 Swiftkode: DRONDK21

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