Training of horses

On Krobækgaard we take horses in training from mid January to early April

Are you interested in getting your Icelandic horse gangsat or trained feel free to contact us!

Lasse has experience of time phrase of several hundred horses and can always give understandable advice so the horse owner has a reasonable prerequisite to separate gaits when the horse comes home after training

Krogbækgaard Kursuscenter, Storhavevej 8, 9940 Læsø, Tlf. +45 9849 1505 mail: info@rideferie.dk
Se nr.33321988, Dronninglund Sparekasse reg. Nr.9044 konto 0001272276.
Iban nummer : DK7890440001272276 Swiftkode: DRONDK21

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