Upstart here on site takes 6 weeks later comes time sentence as a separate chapter.

Responsible for the training of horses on Krogbækgaard Lasse Jensen who grew up on Krogbækgaard and since he was very young helped in the various work on the farm. Lasse graduated C coach with Danish Icelandic Horse Association, which means he is certified to brake and train horses. Lasse is also trained B director in Danish Icelandic Horse Association and are thus trained to teach riding on Icelandic horses.

We want the horses go forward in walk, trot and canter. If the horses choice gait is quite ok but we try to avoid pacing.

The first thing we are working with are getting the horses' attention, the horses showing fear to have confidence in us and the horses barely sees us must learn to respect us.

In training, I generally assume that the horses have not learned anything before, it is a prerequisite for getting a good start if you start with the basics.

Together with skilled attendants with many years of experience, we start in 2015 tilridningen November 9 and ends after 6 weeks on Dec. 18.