Riding holidays, riding on Icelandic horses for adults and children is offered on stays that can last from 2 days to a week or longer. Læsø with its many forest trails, salt marshes and beaches the ideal place for riding holidays.

Krogbækgaard located directly next to the conservation area "Rønnerne" which rides on salt marshes and beaches.

We have 70 Icelandic horses and have good opportunities to find an Icelandic horse that in mind and temperament suit the individual rider.

The teams divided into beginner / easy intermediate / experienced. There are approximately 8-12 prs. On a team, depending on the level of the riders are on.

We hold year-round courses of one week or weekend's duration, which deals with both the handling of horses and training started arts riding. We have courses for people at all levels, from the beginner to the experienced rider.

There will be seating for companies with up to 50 people. Such an arrangement can contain both horse riding, horse-drawn carriage driving, horse show, archery, visits to the saltern with lectures, visits to Læsø cure, musical entertainment, and lots of good food. Fish Table and roast wild boar is especially popular.

Companies and groups can also help to plan a living content.