Weekend or 3-4 day stay

The arrival day

You arrive by ferry dep. Frederikshavn pm. 20:30 ank. Læsø 22:00.
On arrival at the farm, you stay / ii by request of 1 - 2 -3 or 4 prs. Rooms with good beds.
Then served tea and coffee with biscuits and cheese.

The whole day

After breakfast between 8 and 9 we go in the barn where the farm's horses waiting in housing facilities.
Ride Wizards select horses for riders' abilities and desires.
When the horses are saddled rides that day trip to Rønnerne the south or the plantation to the north.

Around 12:00 we take a break and eat lunch in the terrain, there will be opportunity for a little rest after lunch buffet or a walk in the ocean if we ride north, where there are beaches on the far shore. After the break readied horses and rides home.

When we arrive at the farm after the days riding the horses unsaddled and you can enjoy the sound of munching horses when they get a bucket deserved feed while you will be served coffee and homemade cake in the courtyard cafe.

The dinner at 19:00 prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients and mostly meat from Læsø lamb, Galloway Naturpleje-Cattle, Wild-grown or freshly caught fish / seafood.

The departure day

The last day after breakfast we go in the house and make the horses ready for two hours of riding in the open.
At lunchtime we come back to the farm, where after we have enjoyed lunch will be time to pack and get ready for departure by ferry which sails 15:00. At departure time. 18:40 can be ordered extra riding in the afternoon.
Price incl. meals, accommodation and riding:

Adults and children under 15 years
Arrival at. 22:00 the night before the first day of riding.

2-day stay
1 day tour + 2 hours Adults kr. 2600, - children kr. 2300 -
3-day stay
2 day trips + 2 hours Adults kr. 3600, - Children kr. 3100, -
4-day stay
3 day trips + 2 hours Adults kr. 4600, - Children kr. 4000, -