Horse round up

Horses round up

Icelandic horses are driven to pastures new

At the end of the grazing season moved the young horses on 2 of drivningerne from the hedgerows in the East to other grassland to the west. We also move the horses from Hornfiskrøn for the fences closer yard

Our horses collections takes place along the coast of the salt marshes and through rivers.
Here riders who dream of retrieving horses home from the mountains of Iceland, get a taste of this experience by joining this weekend, as in 2018:

21. - 23 September

5. - 7. Oktober-

26. - 28 Oktober

Ariving Friday night 22:00

Accommodation, meals and round up Saturday and Sunday morning ride

Adults kr. 2600, - Kr. per. pers. Children dk.k 2300,-

ARR.. Thursday night 22:00

Accommodation, meals, trip riding and possible. Education Friday round up Saturday and Sunday morning ride

Adults dk.k. 3600, - dk.k. per. prs. children  dk.k 3100,-

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