The horses

The horses on Krogbækgaard
Participation in Natural Leadership requires no previous knowledge of horses, or any special interest in horses. The Natural Leadership used Icelandic horses as training partners.
The horses on Krogbækgaard live close to their natural element in flocks where they live by a hierarchical structure, and are used to, but to yield to a leader.
The course used exclusively trained and calm horses that are used to communicate with people, and therefore can cope with such misinformation without being nervous.
As part of the training, participants offered the opportunity, to try to ride "their horse" in step and calm tolt. However, it should be emphasized that the course is not a ride course.
There are parts of Natural Leadership, where the exercises with the horses, the same can be used for start-up of new riders, and for stress relief of fejlredne and nervous horses. Here it is a prerequisite that which handles the horses are used to dealing with and working with horses.