Housing - riding horses

Ride horses go in groups on the farm during the day and closed out on the grass or feed at night.

during the summer grazing horses on the protected areas hovels those south of the courtyard, in some periods, the horses the opportunity to move the whole 4km away from the courtyard towards the coast, therefore, can also horses with summer eczema go here without being violently plagued by midges.

in winter the horses something closer yard. Here are the horses shut out of hay mixed with engilage as we have learned is a good mix as long as the horses get the correct amount of silage and then eat the hay they will.

Horses with hay allergies or who need extra feed can get in foal herd which is fed wrap hay

Once you have your horse stabled has also own place in the tack room and it is possible to use rider living room as changing rooms.

1 May to 31 October 400 Kr. Md.

1 November to 30 April 600 Kr. Md.

Krogbækgaards riding stables

The riding hall is used for riding courses and management courses. In the management course at the farm is the hall booked but otherwise there is always the possibility to use the hall.

We decorate the hall after what it used to, it means that sometimes can be set one or two round or but with 20x60 meters there is enough space

The price of opstaldere is 200 Kr. Md.

Not opstaldere 300 Kr. Md

Or 10 times the use of the hall 200kr.