The animals on the farm

On the farm we have horses, wild boars, sheep, guinea pigs, dogs and cats.

It is only permitted to feed and enter the guinea pigs.

There are sometimes loose dogs on the farm, and these must not be played with or fed.

We have different breeds of sheepdogs and all are friendly, but we expect you to respect if they don't want to talk.

Penny is 5 years old and is of the Australian Cattledog breed. She is responsible for herding the horses in collaboration with Lasse.

Whoopie is 7 years old and is of the Australian Shepard breed. She has previously attended lp obedience together with Katrine and is Danish obedience champion.

Blaze is 3 years old and is of the Border Collie breed. She obeys with Katrine.

In addition to dogs, we have 5 cats. Elsa, Kitty, Tiger, Luna and Miv. The cats are also not allowed to be fed, but mostly want to be talked to.

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